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Sport Specific Resources

Your nutrition needs are highly dependent on the sport you participate in. That’s why we provide nutrition resources for each sport, to cater to the specific demands those sports have on your body.

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Recreational & Competitive Athletes

Our diet and nutrition for athletes guides are made for both amateur & competitive athletes. Whether you are competing professionally, or playing recreation sports with friends, you still want to be the best you can be – and we are here to help.

Research-Based Diet & Nutrition for Athletes

Our goal is to help you pursue excellence in your sport.  Thus, everything we publish on this site is athlete-centered and held up to a stringent research-based standard to ensure what you get is credible nutrition information.

Share the Love of Sport Nutrition

Nutrition is such a critical part of sport performance that it needs to be taken just as seriously as the rest of an athlete’s training plan. If you know of someone who will find our site helpful, please make sure to share this “One Stop Shop” sports nutrition for athletes site with them!

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Andrew Clark

In addition to her knowledge, Angel possesses great situational and emotional awareness and a unique ability to connect and build rapport with individuals in a one on one situation or when working with groups.

Andrew ClarkFitness & High Performance ManagerRichmond Olympic Oval
Annie Smith

After hiring Angel for our annual Fall Conference, we received a lot of amazing feedback on her session both from coaches and athletes. A quote from one of our coaches: “The speaker about nutrition was amazing! She related nutrition specifically to our sport!” Thank you Angel and I am looking forward working with you in the future.

Annie SmithExecutive DirectorSynchro BC
Sonja Lonne

[Athlete Nutrition Cooking Workshop] The opportunity to be hands on was great! This may be one of the first times some of these kids have been responsible for making food for themselves.

Sonja LonneHead CoachThunderbird Rowing - John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse
Brendan Metz

Thank you for passing along this valuable information. The goalies and parents spoke very highly of your seminar. Thanks so much!

Brendan MetzProfessional Goaltending CoachElite Goalies

Partner Projects & Initiatives

How else are we contributing to the nutrition world?

Sports Nutrition Book

In her book “You Can’t Out-Train A Bad Diet,” Angel Luk transforms the big world of sport nutrition into bite-size pieces for easy digestion (pardon the pun)! Whether you’re recreationally fit or a professional athlete, sometimes it’s nice to relax, lean back, and read just the essentials.

Learn how you can support your training with good eating habits so you can reach the next level in your performance and overall health.

Accredited Culinary Medicine Program

“The Physician in the Kitchen” is a program with workshops dedicated to educating physicians and other health care professionals in an innovative and engaging way by integrating nutritional theory; chef-led demonstrations; and hands-on kitchen work in a communal and interactive learning environment. You can find out more here.

These workshops are accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the BC Chapter.

Healthy Living Resource Hub

Food Mysteries’ goal is to help people make better eating choices by starting where they are. The overarching philosophy is that it is not enough to tell people what to eat, but to have lasting effects people have to understand the “why” behind the recommendations.

Join us in the movement to demystifying what healthy eating is all about and take a proactive approach in leading a more energized life.